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Shaping education to build a better future with Apps for Good

Apps for Good is an educational program that challenges students from the 5th to the 12th grade and teachers from all subject areas to develop applications for smartphones or tablets.

Galp Upcoming Energies joined forces with Apps for Good to raise awareness of the technological potential and help students to develop entrepreneurial skills from a young age.  

From talks, mentorships & evaluation, the partnership paved the way from the Regional Meetings in June/July to the Final Event. The final, held on September 20 at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, allowed students to present the projects they have been working on with the help of their teachers.  

EcoBox, a group from Vila Verde Secondary School, received the "Climate & Energy" Award from Manuel Andrade, Head of Open Innovation at Galp. The student's solution proposes to reduce paper and ink expenses resulting from printing receipts.  

Ana Casaca (Global Head of Innovation at Galp) announced the 1st place in Secondary education to +PorSi, from Sacavém Secondary School, a solution to improve and promote communication between citizens and the Parish Council of Sacavém and Prior-Velho.   

Additionally, Ana Casaca also took part in the Round Table "Teachers are not superheroes but they need real superpowers" to discuss the importance of teachers in a constantly changing world, and how companies can support schools and identify the skills necessary to work in corporates nowadays. 

This was the 8th Edition of Apps for Good, which has helped develop +1860 technological solutions since its first year.