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of use for the Website "Upcoming New Energies"

1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions regulate the access and use of this website ("Website") under GALP’s responsibility, with the URL www.upcomingenergies.galp.com.
Any matters regarding privacy and personal data protection are available for consultation in the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy sections present on the website, which are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

The use of this Website by any user will be governed by these Terms and Conditions. By using the Website, the user is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. If the user rejects these Terms and Conditions, he/she shall cease using the Website.

GALP may change or update these Terms and Conditions, fully or partially, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy. Any change or update to these Terms and Conditions, as well as to the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, will be in effect as soon as it is published on the respective section on the Website. Users are advised to regularly visit the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy sections to check the latest updated versions.

The access to and use of the Website are provided by GALP to promote initiatives that connect start-ups and educational institutions within the scope of innovation and the energy transition, or to communicate with the Website users for other purposes.

2. Authorisation

Without prejudice to the provisions of the other clauses of these Terms and Conditions, GALP authorises any user to use this Website only for the purposes specified in these Terms and Conditions. The licence of use may be revoked by GALP at any time. Under the law and these Terms and Conditions, the user cannot copy, use, transfer, rent, sub-licence, alter, adapt, attempt to modify or alter the source code, carry out reverse engineering operations, decompile or disassemble the content of the website, fully or partially. By accessing the Website, the user acknowledges and accepts that its content may be incomplete, inaccurate, outdated or may not satisfy his or her needs or requirements.

Violating these Terms and Conditions may entail the withdrawal of the licence of use granted by GALP, along with the exercise of its rights, to the full extent of the law, in the event of any damages or compensation claims by third parties.

3. Website Content

The Website and all the information and content posted in it may be changed by GALP at any time, periodically and/or without prior notice.
Accessing and using the Website, including viewing web pages, constitute the activities performed by users.

The users are solely responsible for their use of the Website and its content, as well as the assessment of the information they obtain from it. In particular, users are solely liable if they provide incorrect, false or third-party information or data without their consent, as well as for the incorrect use of such data.

The Website content may contain inaccuracies or typos. GALP is not responsible, nor will ever be held responsible, in any form or by any means, for inaccuracies and mistakes, damages (if any) caused by or resulting from the use of information derived from the Website or through the website by users.

Considering that any content that may be downloaded or obtained by any other means results from the free decision of the user and is at his or her own risk, any damage (if any) to computers or loss of data resulting from download operations carried out by the user is the user’s sole responsibility and GALP cannot be held liable for it.
GALP shall not be accountable in any way for damages (if any) resulting from the inability to access the services made available via the Website or for any damages (if any) caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, cancelled content or issues related to the Internet, service providers or the telephone and/or telematic connection, unauthorised access, data changes, or related to the absence and/or malfunction of the user’s electronic equipment.

The user is solely and exclusively responsible for any actions carried out via his or her user account, directly or through third parties authorised by the user. GALP has adopted the proper technical and organisational measures to guarantee the safety of the services it provides on the Website, the integrity of the electronic traffic data, as well as to avoid the risk of the dissemination, destruction or loss of data and the confidential or non-confidential information of its users on the Website, or related to the access – unauthorised or in violation of the applicable legal provisions – of said personal data and information.

GALP does not and cannot ever guarantee that the Website is free of viruses or any other element that might have possibly a negative effect on the technology.

4. Website Access, Interruption and Suspension

GALP provides access to the Website, notwithstanding the possibility of that access being suspended, limited or disrupted at any time, such as to enable the restoration, maintenance or introduction of new features or services.
GALP will work actively towards restoring access as quickly as possible.

Any time a restricted area of the Website is made available, GALP may grant access to it by means of a GALP ID.
The user is responsible for the storage and correct use of his or her personal information and access credentials. Under those circumstances, the user is responsible for creating a username and password. The user is also responsible for providing specific information, which must be correct and up-to-date. The user cannot choose a username that belongs to a third party with the intention of using their identity. Likewise, the user cannot use the username of a third party without that party’s express consent.

The user must guarantee the secrecy of his or her password and must not share it with third parties.
The user can also access the restricted area of the website via registration services provided by third parties, such as Google or Facebook, which are governed by their own terms and conditions and privacy policies.

GALP therefore advises users to read the respective terms and conditions and privacy policies before registering and/or logging onto the Website.

5. Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Users are advised to read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, which are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions, in order to understand how the Website collects and uses its users’ personal data, and for what purposes.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

All rights are reserved. The Website and all its content including, but not limited to, articles, opinions, other texts, lists, user manuals, photographs, drawings, images, video or audio clips or marketing texts, as well as trademarks, logos, domain names, and any other elements that could be covered by intellectual property rights (including the source codes) and/or other types of intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as “Material”) are the property of GALP or third parties and are protected against unauthorised usage, copying or disclosure by national legislation and international treaties regarding Intellectual Property Rights. None of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and/or the content on the website shall be construed as implicitly extending, accepting or in any way licensing the right of use of any Material in any way without the prior written consent of GALP or of the third party that owns the Material, or the intellectual property rights posted on the Website. The use, copy, reproduction, alteration, reposting, update, download, email sending, transmission, distribution or duplication, or any other abusive acts relating to the Material of a similar nature, are prohibited.

The user may, however, view and show the content of the Website and/or the Material on a computer screen, store such content in electronic format on a hard drive (but not on a server or memory device connected to the Internet) or print a copy of such content for personal and non-commercial use, provided they retain all the information related to the intellectual property rights.

Access to the Website does not grant the user any rights related to the content provided by GALP.

7. Links to other Websites

Any links (“Links”) to third-party websites or to content provided by third parties (“Other Websites”) provided by GALP on the Website are purely for informational purposes and for the user’s convenience. GALP does not control the Other Websites and is therefore not responsible for them or their respective content or products (including, but not limited to, references to social media), nor is it responsible for any damages or harm that may result from the use of those Other Websites by the user, as well as regarding the processing of personal data during internet browsing operations. Accessing any Other Website via an existing link on GALP’s websites will be at the user's sole responsibility and risk.

The user shall therefore pay special attention when he or she connects to Other Websites via existing links on GALP’s Website and carefully read the respective terms and conditions and privacy policies.

8. User Disclaimer

The user acknowledges and declares that:
a) these Terms and Conditions have been read and understood;

b) he or she shall refrain from reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling, reselling or in way commercially exploiting the Website or its content, or part of it, as well as from using or reproducing the trademarks or any other intellectual or industrial property rights of GALP or third parties;

c) he or she will not publish or use false, defamatory or libellous information;

d) he or she shall refrain from using the services or the Website, directly or indirectly, for purposes contrary to the law or which do not comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions;

e) he or she will not spread any virus, spyware, adware, rootkit, backdoor or Trojan malware or other similar cyber threats;

f) he or she will not use software or other automatic or manual devices to copy or access control of the Website or its content.

9. General Provisions

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, it will be deleted. The remaining provisions will remain in full force and with the same legal effect.

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by Portuguese law and will be interpreted accordingly. If the parties are unable to reach an amicable agreement, any dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions or related to them, will be resolved by the Judicial Courts of Lisbon, with express waiver of any other.

The user may contact GALP for any question related to the use of the Website via e-mail to: upcomingenergies@galp.com.

Date: 01 June 2022